How To Remove Mold From AC Ducts


Having mold growing in your home is dangerous, especially black mold. It can cause a variety of health issues and degrade the quality of the air in your home. Mold can easily grow in your ductwork where it can’t be seen or easily removed. Using your air conditioner can accelerate growth in your ducts by causing the condensation of moisture onto the surfaces of the ductwork as cold air flows through. If you suspect that you have mold growing in your home, it’s important to test for its presence and see what type it is. Once that is known, you can decide how to proceed with its removal.

1. Basic Cleaning 

If you’ve noticed dark mold growing in your ductwork, basic household cleaners can be effective at getting it removed. Mixing household detergent or bleach with water can create a solution that is strong enough to kill mold. When you’re getting ready to clean, it’s important that you wear both protective gear on your body and a mask. Chemicals can be harmful to your skin and inhaling released mold particles can be dangerous. Wearing gloves is critical. When you’re cleaning, be sure that your HVAC system is turned off so that you don’t cause the spread of any spores that have become airborne. Scrub the effective area using a cleaning solution and rags and vacuum when you’re finished. Dispose of the rags when you’re done.

When the cleaning is done, you can put a mold inhibitor on the surfaces where it was growing. This can help prevent future issues. Be sure to watch problem areas carefully so that you can deal with them if anything starts to grow again.

2. Ozone Shock Treatment 

If you have mold growth deep in your AC ductwork, it can be difficult to get it removed using traditional cleaning methods. Using an ozone shock treatment is a highly effective way to get mold all throughout your system killed. This method works by exposing mold to high concentrations of ozone, which causes it to die. An ozone generation machine is hooked to the intake of an air conditioner to deliver it throughout the ductwork system of a home. It’s important to cover all vents and other places where air can escape to keep the ozone confined to the ductwork so that it can work as effectively as possible.

Running the ozone generator for a few hours is sufficient for most homes. It’s important to buy or rent an ozone generation machine that is the right size for your home so that it can produce high enough concentrations in your ductwork.

When the treatment is done, the plastic covers need to be removed from the air vents and the ozone generation machine unhooked from your air conditioner. Turning on the air conditioner can run fresh air through all of the ducts in your home and remove any excess ozone. Ozone can smell bad, so windows and doors can be opened during this flushing process.

3. Hire a Professional 

Dealing with mold by yourself can be stressful and potentially dangerous. Having a skilled technician take care of the job could save you a lot of time and stress in the long run. If you’ve tried to get rid of mold on your own, but the problem persists, it’s important to hire a professional to help with the situation. The technicians from True Heating & Cooling are highly experienced with cleaning out duct systems in Broomfield. We’ll make sure that all of the problem mold is killed and removed so that you can have safe air in your home. Professionals can use advanced techniques to reach and kill mold that other forms of treatment can’t help with.

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