Why You Might Consider Two-Stage Heating


If you choose to use a furnace for your heating needs, you have the option of picking between various furnace speeds. A two-stage furnace is one of the most popular choices for homeowners because it’s very efficient while still being quite affordable. To figure out whether two-stage heating is a good choice for you, here are some things you should know.

How Does Two-Stage Heating Work? 

A two-stage heater is a type of furnace that is capable of running at multiple levels of heat output. Unlike traditional furnaces, it is not blasting high heat all the time. Instead, you can set the furnace to run at a high or a low level. The low level has about a 70% output and works quite well for milder days. Meanwhile, the high level can run at 100% capacity on particularly chilly days. For example, if your furnace is rated at 100,000 BTU, you could choose to operate it at 70,000 BTU per hour or 100,000 BTU per hour. Two-stage heaters accomplish this task through the use of a special type of gas valve. The valve only opens partially when the heat is running on a lower setting, or it can open fully when the higher setting is needed.

The Benefits of Two-Stage Heating 

There are multiple reasons people choose to go with two-stage heaters. Many homeowners like them because they provide more consistent warmth. A single-stage heater may cause a temperature spike of up to four degrees when turned on, while a two-stage heater can gently bump up the temperature by one degree at a time. The ability to provide lower heat is also helpful because it lets you run your heater a little longer. This gives it time to remove humidity and eradicate cold spots in corners. Since air is moving through the system more continuously, the filters have more opportunities to catch debris.

The fact that a two-stage heater starts in the first stage and then moves to the second as needed also makes it a little quieter. Your furnace won’t produce the initial blast that can jerk you out of a deep sleep. Two-stage heaters provide you with more customization opportunities. The chance to switch to a lower heating level means that you can use less fuel. This provides a more eco-friendly heating experience and results in big savings for your power bill.

Comparing Two-Stage Heating To Other Options 

Should you go with a two-stage heater over a single-stage or variable-speed heater? This will depend on your priorities. Two-stage heaters can provide mild, even heat by running at a lower level most of the time. They are not quite as fine-tuned as variable-stage furnaces, but they are still far more comfortable than the constant, extra-high blast of a single-stage furnace. Since a two-stage heater can operate at the same capacity as a single-stage, there is no difference in their performance when it is especially cold.

The cost to purchase a two-stage heater is slightly pricier than getting a single-stage heater. However, it is still far cheaper than a variable-speed heater. The cost to repair a two-stage heater is also in the middle, a little more expensive than single-stage but cheaper than variable. If you look at operating expenses, two-stage tends to be more affordable than one-stage but slightly less efficient than variable. A good two-stage heater has an efficiency of around 95% to 97%, while a single-stage has just 90% to 95% efficiency. Meanwhile, a variable speed heater can have an efficiency of up to 98.7%.

Ultimately, a two-stage heater tends to be a good compromise for the average homeowner. It provides a lot of efficiency and comfort without being excessively expensive to purchase or maintain. Especially if you are in a milder climate, a two-stage heater can be an excellent way to handle your heating needs.

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