Are Furnaces Good For Your Health?


Many homeowners throughout Colorado rely on their furnaces to stay warm during the winter season. This brings up the question, are furnaces good for your health? Sure, they prevent your home from freezing. But could they also create health hazards for you and your family? The answer actually depends on maintenance.

The Advantages Of a Well-Maintained Furnace 

A good-quality furnace has a positive effect on your indoor air quality. This is the air you and your family breathe. There are naturally allergens in the air. However, you can control the amount of dust, dander, and pollen in the air when you stay on top of air filter changes. In this way, the furnace purifies the air each time it kicks on.

When your furnace allows for humidification, you have another health advantage on your side. Humidity affects the quality of life inside your home. If it is too low, you will not feel as comfortable. If it is too high, you run the risk of seeing mold growth. Finding that sweet spot is possible with a well-maintained furnace.

Is Your Furnace Up To The Task? 

To avoid health issues, your furnace must be ready to take on the tasks of filtering and humidifying the air in your home. This is where professional help could be necessary. Consider getting maintenance service every year before the cold season arrives. A furnace tune-up could include the following:

  • Full cleaning of the blower, fan blades and coil
  • Thorough inspection that could illuminate potential future problems
  • Lubricating all the furnace’s motor parts
  • Testing to make sure the system is operating properly
  • Minor adjustments and repairs that could make a big difference in efficiency

Get In Touch With The Heating Professionals 

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