How Does a Furnace Work?


Your furnace is a critical part of your life. However, this system is often ignored until something stops working properly.

Take a few minutes to understand the basics of what makes this silent partner work. By knowing a little background on furnaces, you’ll be better equipped to address any heating situation.

How Your Furnace Works 

If you have a modern furnace, it operates through a forced-air system. This name comes from the unit forcing air into your living space. Here is how it actually warms your home:

Before the air can start flowing, the furnace needs to create heat. It receives a signal from the thermostat and initiates the burner in the combustion chamber. This creates heat that warms the heat exchanger.

Once the heat exchanger is warmed, the circulating fan starts. This draws cool air from your home. It then forces it through the heat exchanger, warming the air, and continues to push it back out into the house.

Most people do not realize the furnace is running until the circulating fan starts running.

When It Breaks Down 

The first thing you are likely to notice is that it either will not turn on or there is low airflow coming from the heat registers. If this happens, check that the furnace filters are clean and the thermostat has good batteries.

After checking these, call the trained professionals at True Heating & Cooling. Our team serves the greater Denver, CO, area, and we are experts in diagnosing and fixing furnace problems. Well-meaning home “handymen” cause dangerous situations by attempting to work on furnaces without proper training. Doing so can damage delicate parts and cause hazardous leaks.

Comprehensive Furnace Services 

The NATE-certified team at True Heating & Cooling serves the Broomfield, CO, metro area with pride when HVAC issues arise. In addition to being experts in heating systems, our crew handles air conditioning installations and repairs as well as indoor air quality control solutions. Call for your consultation today.