Importance Of Carbon Monoxide Testing In Your Home


Having clean air in your home is crucial for the health of everyone living in your household. However, what is more important is making sure there is no carbon monoxide leaking into any of your rooms. Here are some important reasons why you should test for carbon monoxide in your residence.

Prevents Serious Illnesses 

The best way to test for the presence of carbon monoxide is to have carbon monoxide detectors throughout the house. These detectors can make sure this dangerous gas is not present. Why are detectors important? You cannot see or smell carbon monoxide, which makes the gas highly dangerous.

Carbon monoxide can come from fireplaces that are not well-ventilated, gas stoves, furnaces, kerosene heaters, generators, space heaters that use gas, and other sources. When you inhale carbon monoxide in small amounts, you will suffer from headaches, nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, and fatigue.

Prevents Death 

Some of the worse accidents in the home have been as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. If your windows and doors are closed and you have a gas-fueled furnace warming the home, you will need carbon monoxide detectors to ensure there are no leaks. If your household consumes the gas in large amounts, death could be the result.

Keeps Your Indoor Air Clean 

Another reason to test for carbon monoxide and ensure that your home is free from this gas is so that you can have clean indoor air. Having good indoor air quality keeps those with asthma or allergy issues healthy. When you place carbon monoxide detectors in different rooms of your house, make sure they are working efficiently and have fresh batteries. In fact, you should check the batteries on your detectors every six months.

True Heating & Cooling in Broomfield, CO, can inspect all of your gas-fueled appliances to make sure there are no leaks. We try to keep our customers on an annual maintenance plan. This way, we can catch any issues as soon as they pop up and fix the leaks immediately. Besides inspecting your appliances, we can give you safety tips to help keep you safe. We can also provide heatingcooling, and indoor air quality services throughout Broomfield. Call us today with any questions about carbon monoxide testing or to schedule an appointment.