Which Thermostat Mode Do I Choose?

Modern thermostat set at 72 degrees

Before you can decide on a thermostat mode, you need to choose whether to heat or cool your home. Once you’ve selected that setting, there are several modes the thermostat can operate from. Select the right one for an energy-efficient experience, and you should be able to keep utility bills under control.

We’ve created a general guide to address what the different thermostat modes mean. Always check with the thermostat manufacturer for specific information about your brand and model number.

Digital, Programmable, and Manual Thermostats 

Each manufacturer should include a user manual with the purchase of a thermostat. If your installer didn’t provide you with this item, check with the manufacturer. Many thermostat makers provide digital documents on their websites that offer details and diagrams for best use.

Manual thermostats require you to set the system by hand. The air will heat and cool according to the settings you’ve chosen. If you decide to stop running the system for a while, you’ll need to manually flip the switch to off. On the other hand, programmable and digital thermostats turn on or off automatically and according to the settings selected.

The Most Efficient Thermostat Setting 

According to the Department of Energy, 68 degrees is the best thermostat setting for winter. They state that 78 degrees is the best thermostat setting for summer weather. These temperature settings are meant to be used while you’re awake and at home.

The DOE further states that you can save up to 10% in costs every month if you follow one rule. Turn the thermostat temperature setting back 7 to 10 degrees for eight hours each day. In the winter, this would mean setting the temperature lower than 68° while sleeping or away from your home. In the summer, set the thermostat above 78 degrees. This is when a programmable thermostat can come in handy. You can set your system to return your indoor air to a comfortable level before you arrive home.

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Auto Mode 

The AUTO setting is the option to choose when you want to save money. AUTO tells the system to heat or cool to the temperature you’ve chosen. Once the requested temperature is reached, the fan will shut off. This stops the conditioned or heated air from flowing and reduces the energy the system uses. Energy bills are more consistent when you choose the AUTO mode.

On Mode 

If you want the fan to run continually after the indoor temperature has been reached, select the ON option. The fan will continue to blow after the air conditioner or heater has stopped. This mode can mean less wear and tear on the equipment because it’s not constantly turning off and on. However, operating costs will be higher, and the system filters will need replacing more often. You’ll also deal with managing hot and cold spots because the air is no longer being heated or cooled.

Fan Mode 

There may be times when all you require is air circulation. When this is the case, choose the FAN or FAN ONLY mode. This turns on the system fan without the thermostat. Opening several windows can help pull the air from room to room and increase air circulation.

Hold Option 

Your preferred settings may not be the best choice on certain days. This is when you use the HOLD button to change your system’s current settings. The HOLD option is only available on a programmable thermostat. Pressing the HOLD button pauses the current program. You can then press and hold the temperature adjustment button and to begin changing the temperature setting. Make sure you read your operation manual for exact details. Each thermostat model will operate a bit differently when it comes to overriding the program you normally use.

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