How To Keep My Home Cool Without Air Conditioning?

White ceiling fan

When the summer season sets in, you might get tempted to stay close to a fan or crank up the air conditioner. However, it is essential to note that this is not the only way to keep cool. There are other ways that you can use to keep your home, and yourself, cool without incurring high energy costs. Here are ways you can keep cool even without an AC.

1. Keep The Blinds Closed 

When there is a heatwave, you are likely to find yourself hiding from the sun. That is why it is advisable to close the curtains. To prevent the sun rays from penetrating your house, consider getting blackout curtains. You may also get neutral-toned curtains that have white backing to promote sun reflection. Such curtains may reduce heat by around 33%.

2. Rotate The Ceiling Fan Counter-Clockwise 

You can only set your ceiling fans in two directions: counter-clockwise and clockwise. During the summer season, you should set it to spin in a counter-clockwise direction and at a very high speed to provide you with the maximum breeze. On the other hand, you should set it in a clockwise direction during winter at a slower speed.

3. Open The Windows Every Evening

It is vital to open the windows every evening since this will let out any excess heat that has accumulated in your house. Leaving these windows open the whole night might also allow cool airflow in the house and prevent stuffiness. However, remember to tightly close the windows before the temperatures start to rise again.

4. Go For A White Roof 

During summer, black roof material tends to absorb a lot of heat. On the other hand, a white roof keeps your home cool since it reflects the heat. This prevents the warmth from getting into your home. Consider installing a white roof panel or applying a white coating if you have a metal or flat roof.

5. Swap Your Bed Sheets 

Seasonally switching the bedding freshens up your room and also keeps it cool. If you need fabrics for insulation, you may consider fleece blankets and flannel sheets. However, switch them and get cotton sheets during the summer season since it’s easier to breathe under them and keep cool. Also, get one or two buckwheat pillows. These pillows tend to have an air space that occurs naturally between the hulls, which have a bouncy texture, so they don’t hold to the body temperature like the traditional pillows.

6. Focus On Your Body Temperature Instead of House Heat 

Anyone can survive without an AC. You can do this by sipping iced drinks and applying cold cloths to areas like the wrists and neck. Another technique is choosing the clothes that you wear. For instance, consider wearing light, short-sleeved clothes. You may also consider placing a basin of water under your bed sp that you can dip your feet when you feel warm.

7. Vent The Attic 

You can either roof-mount or gable your attic fans. You will find roof-mounted attic fans on the outer part of the roof while gable fans are just close to the vents. A gable fan is easy to install because you link it to your existing ducts. To install an attic fan, you’ll need to create an opening. This tends to be a lot of work; however, it helps create a more potent suction and tighter seal, which assists in keeping the attic cool.

8. Consider Getting A Dehumidifier 

It is more comfortable to stay in a place with dry heat than moist heat. A dehumidifier helps to suck the moisture from the balmy summer air in the home. This makes it a comfortable place to stay even when the temperatures are high. To save on energy bills, consider getting a unit that switches off when the levels of humidity go below the targeted level. Also, you can recycle the water collected by your dehumidifier to water the plants.

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